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On March 11, 2011, Dr. Nguyen Van Lang, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology and Head of the Management Board of Hoa Lac High-Tech Park (CNC), visited and worked with Tosy Robot Joint Stock Company and Naiscorp Information Technology Services Joint Stock Company.

Accompanying the Deputy Minister were Mr. Nguyen Trung Quynh, Deputy Head of the Hoa Lac CNC Management Board, and representatives from the Training Center, High-Tech Enterprise Incubation Center, and Investment Support Board under the Hoa Lac CNC Management Board.

Tosy Robot Joint Stock Company was established in 2002 with the main goal of researching and manufacturing various product lines: service robots, industrial robots, giant robots, and high-tech toys, bringing robots everywhere to change people's way of living and working, helping humans overcome natural disasters and calamities.

Tosy Robot Joint Stock Company has conducted research, production, and introduced many popular and highly acclaimed products to the market, such as the high-tech toy AFO Flying Disc, the TOOP Top, the FRIING Fire Ring, industrial robots, and service robots. In addition to its headquarters, the company has also invested in the construction of an R&D and toy manufacturing center covering an area of 13,000 square meters in Cau Giay, as well as a casting and metallurgy plant in An Khanh Industrial Park covering an area of 14,000 square meters.

Accompanying the Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Lang were the company's leadership and heads of departments of Tosy Robot Joint Stock Company. Both sides had frank exchanges on relevant issues of interest. Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Lang highly praised the company's success and expressed the hope that the company would become increasingly robust and a leading company in the region and the world in robot production.

After visiting Tosy Robot Joint Stock Company, the delegation continued to visit and work with Naiscorp Information Technology Services Joint Stock Company.

Naiscorp was founded by the Nais Group, which has received numerous national awards in the field of information technology. Naiscorp has become a leading company in Vietnam in the field of intelligent data processing and online value-added services. The company's main products include free online information search services on www.socbay.com; Socbay Media software for mobile phones; online portal construction; system consulting, processing, and data construction; and brand promotion for websites, companies, and organizations. The company has received many national awards for research and technological innovation.

On behalf of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Lang congratulated the initial success of the company after a few years of business operation and expressed the desire for the company to continue achieving success in the future. CEO of Naiscorp, Nguyen Xuan Tai, presented some advantages and challenges the company is facing and expressed the intention to invest in the construction of a large data center at the Hoa Lac CNC Park.